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yeah so i was at my friends house (im a girl hes a guy) and his parents weren’t home so we broke into his dad booze cabinet and started drinking. we ended up cudding and watching re-runs of full house, and he told me he loved me and i was like your just drunk and he said ‘yeah but im not saying it because im drunk. im saying it as fact, it is 54 degrees outside, the ocean is salty, and i love you’ and i was like dayum son and thats the story of how i lost my virginity.

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friendly reminder that ashton irwin once spanked his bandmates for not participating in a twitcam to his satisfaction

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it’s getting really annoying how eating makes you gain weight

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Nice indicator dickhead!

Australian proverb

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eating clocks is really time consuming

especially when you go back for seconds


The gif is perfect because it represents the only two possible reactions to this joke

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